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Our first day in Kandy would be a very cultural one. We did the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Temple of the Tooth Relic, taken around a gem museum and went for a tuk-tuk ride downhill! Given how tired the girls were getting with all the walking, when we arrived at Royal Botanic Gardens our guide suggested that we hire a golf car (with driver) to take us around. We took his advice, as it also…

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Drive to Kandy

Early Sunday morning we left Pasikudah for the long drive over to Kandy, with a stop off en route to Dambulla Rock Cave Temple. After a while of driving, police cars were signalling for all traffic to pull over – then what seemed like a gazillion bicycles zoomed past. We were told that it was the SLT Speedup Sawariya, Sri Lanka’s longest cross-country cycle race! Our guide asked us if we’d like to see an…

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After a long drive and several cultural stop-offs, we arrived at Anilana Hotel late Sunday evening – just in time for the end of the dinner buffet. First impressions of the hotel were very impressive, looked like we’d got another super luxurious place; the lobby was big and open, the ceilings were 20ft high; our room had a mezzanine loft area with extra beds for the kids. It was the polar opposite of The…

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Polonnaruwa – The Drive to Passekudah

Leaving the Mudhouse, we head towards the ancient capital of Polonnaruwa. Lydia felt much better, but wasn’t a 100% yet – she needed to catch up on sleep. On the road away from the Mudhouse, our guide spotted a “Starred Tortoise” crossing the road, he wanted to pull over to give us a closer look. [photogrid ids="2016313,2016314" captions="yes" columns="two" fullwidth="no" ] We arrived at Polonnaruwa, welcomed with a great reservoir – the largest lake in Sri Lanka,…

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Cultural highlights – Mihintale and Anaradhapura

Leaving Sigiriya, we headed towards Anamaduwa for our stay at the eco-friendly Mudhouse. On our journey we stopped off at various cultural places. First stop was Mihintale, which we are told is the birthplace of Buddhism within Sri Lanka; (the story goes that King Devanampiyatissa was out hunting when he met Mahinda, the son of an Indian emperor, who converted him to Buddhism – for more info, see the Wikipedia page about Mihintale). We walked around…

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Sigiriya Lion Rock Tour

After the village tour, we headed back to the hotel to cool off with a relaxing swim. [slider ids="2016287" fullwidth="no" captions="yes" ] Late afternoon, we headed over to Sigiriya Lion Rock for a guided tour. Since Lucy’s ankle was still recovering, we’d already decided that we wouldn’t risk climbing up to the very top, in case of further injury… but it turned out to be a good decision as the kids were shattered and our guide…

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