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After a long drive and several cultural stop-offs, we arrived at Anilana Hotel late Sunday evening – just in time for the end of the dinner buffet. First impressions of the hotel were very impressive, looked like we’d got another super luxurious place; the lobby was big and open, the ceilings were 20ft high; our room had a mezzanine loft area with extra beds for the kids. It was the polar opposite of The Mudhouse. We settled in quite quickly.

This week would be declared as “our holiday within our holiday”.

We were told that Pasikudah is the pick of the region’s beaches. The bay is reef-protected, making it safe and calmer for swimming and snorkelling. Still when the tide came in the waters were a little murkier for snorkelling.

Most of our days were spent exploring the resort, walks down the beach, snorkelling, snoozing in hammocks, playing in the pool, lazing by the pool, eating by the pool… oh, did we mention that we were by the pool? ;-)

We didn’t get much of a “Sri Lankan” feel from being at the hotel resort, after all it’s designed to be a high-end tourist experience, but still we definitely enjoyed “our holiday within our holiday”!