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Polonnaruwa – The Drive to Passekudah

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Leaving the Mudhouse, we head towards the ancient capital of Polonnaruwa. Lydia felt much better, but wasn’t a 100% yet – she needed to catch up on sleep.

On the road away from the Mudhouse, our guide spotted a “Starred Tortoise” crossing the road, he wanted to pull over to give us a closer look.

We arrived at Polonnaruwa, welcomed with a great reservoir – the largest lake in Sri Lanka, (so we were told several times) – and a UNESCO World Heritage site too!

We saw lots more ruins – all very impressive, but the funny thing about tours like ours, is when you’ve visited other ruin sites, and you’ve got hot & tired children, and it’s packed with souvenir touts and other tourist groups… you lose a bit of the cultural impact. Walk to ruin, told story, take photo, move onto the next, repeat. Cultural fatigueI should feel bad for saying that, but here are some lovely photos.

Departing Polonnaruwa, we head towards our next destination – “our holiday within our holiday” – Pasikudah beach resort. It was a 4-hour drive over to the east coast, plenty of time for the kids to catch on some sleep!