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Sigiriya Lion Rock Tour

After the village tour, we headed back to the hotel to cool off with a relaxing swim. [slider ids="2016287" fullwidth="no" captions="yes" ] Late afternoon, we headed over to Sigiriya Lion Rock for a guided tour. Since Lucy’s ankle was still recovering, we’d already decided that we wouldn’t risk climbing up to the very top, in case of further injury… but it turned out to be a good decision as the kids were shattered and our guide…

Posted on by Lee Kelleher

Sigiriya Village Experience

We set off from Hotel Sigiriya and were dropped off on the main road a few minutes later. We knew that we were going on a “Village Experience” tour, but wasn’t exactly sure what it entailed. Next thing we knew; we were being ushered on to the back of a bullock cart! [slider ids="2016271" fullwidth="no" captions="yes" ] The bullock slowly pulled us up the main road, with the driver occasionally muttering words at it. Since we…

Posted on by Lucy Kehoe