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The Sydney Experience

Sydney (23rd March - 3rd April) We were very lucky on the trains from Melbourne to Sydney, both times we managed to get four seats, meaning we could turn them into beds for a more comfortable sleep. We arrived at Central Station Sydney around 10am Sunday morning, Lucy's uncle Jim & Muriel were there to greet us. (Having not seen my uncle for at least 15 years it was amusing walking up the station smiling…

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Website Problems

Our web-hosting provider decided to make some changes to the web-server... so unfortunately the site was down for a couple of hours yesterday... hopefully everything is back to normal now! We've been writing up our latest posting, but its not ready to be published yet... maybe in a few days! Anyways we've gotta run... need to catch a bus to Surfer's Paradise at…

Posted on by Lee Kelleher

From Perth to Sydney: The Great Ozzie Adventure

We had all good intentions of updating the journal as frequently as possible, but as you might have noticed we haven't had much computer access since leaving Perth! So for all of you who have been having sleepless nights worrying about our latest adventures, worry no more... Here's a bumper edition! Alice Springs & 3-Day Ayer's Rock Tour (8th-11th March) The night before the tour we were sitting in the hostel's bar chatting to other travellers.…

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Brief Update - more to follow

To keep our frequent visiters happy until we get a chance to do a full posting here are the key points of the last 10 days. Ayer's Rock 3 day tour included visits to Kings Canyon, The Olgas and Ularu. No we didn't climb! We slept under the stars in swags. Back to Adelaide for a couple of days spent time drinking on a winnery tour and with Susan and Michelle. - Thanks Lucy and Michael…

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Into the Heart of Australia

We successfully made it to Alice Springs this morning. The journey on The Legendary Ghan was great experience... fantastic scenes on the way to the Heart of Central Australia! Including three bouncing kangaroos and the "famous" Iron Man statue. We had a bit of an uncomfortable sleep last night though, someone in our carrage was a bit on the smelly side... and being typically English, we went to the lounge cart, and so did every…

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Across the Nullarbor: Surviving the Indian-Pacific

After a very late night of farewell drinks and barbie we woke up slightly hung-over, having to finish off packing before Tamir & Narissa took us to East Perth Train Station. Big Thanks! Much to our surprise the check-in process was more like an airport, we even had to put our backpacks through... so we had to quickly sort out our clothes, as we thought we'd be able to access them on the train. Tina &…

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