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Sigiriya Lion Rock Tour

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After the village tour, we headed back to the hotel to cool off with a relaxing swim.

Late afternoon, we headed over to Sigiriya Lion Rock for a guided tour. Since Lucy’s ankle was still recovering, we’d already decided that we wouldn’t risk climbing up to the very top, in case of further injury… but it turned out to be a good decision as the kids were shattered and our guide heard that there was a wasp attack on the second section; no thank you!

There are various warning signs about potential wasp attacks, where you are advised to keep still and stay silent. Our guide informed us that typically Japanese tourists can’t read the signs, so when they see a swarm heading towards them, they panic and start screaming.  Why they don’t put signs up in Japanese, we don’t know!

Our guide told us various stories about Sigiriya Lion Rock, from King Kashyapa to the Buddhist monastery. Rather than detail them here, if you want to know more, see the Wikipedia page about Sigiriya.

The highlights of the tour were the museum, Fresco paintings, water garden ruins and monkeys, lots of monkeys!