Lee & Lucy

Guess Who's 6 months old?

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We have had a very busy 6 months. But it's been amazing. Katelyn settled into life at home after keeping Nana Tyrer up all night the first night home. She found an infectious smile very early and later an infectious giggle.


We had a lovely day on 6th July for her Christening. Thanks to everyone who joined us and for all Katelyn's beautiful presents. A special Thank-you to Emily and Steve for letting us have the party at theirs.

Lucy and Katelyn

One of Katelyn's favourite pastimes is snuggling up with her Daddy and having a sleep. Lee is very good and often puts himself out for his little girl.


She takes after her Mummy and loves her food. We started her on solids about 4 weeks ago and she has loved every new taste. I can't get the spoon loaded quickly enough.

IMG_1549 You've got to get those fingers out

Lee and I are making the most of the time before Katelyn starts crawling, though we know it wont be long. She can roll on to her tummy and wriggles round in a circle but still stays where we put her!!!

There are lots more photos of Katelyn in the photos section. Take a look if you have the time!!!!

We look forward to the next 6 months and all it brings.