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Fiji: What we can remember

Posted on by Lucy Kehoe filed under World Tour 2002/03, Fiji.

Unfortunately we didn't actually write any notes about Fiji, we were too busy island hopping and relaxing on the beaches. It was our holiday (within a holiday).

We arrived Nadi Airport 14.10 Thursday 15th 2003. We were greeted by a swarm of travel agents all toutting for busness. We took a luck with a friendly looking lady called Nate from Rambua Travel Fiji. After a long chat with her we booked for a week on Korovou.

Korovou http://www.pacific-resorts.com/fiji/korovou-resort/index.html I had a big shock when I saw the pictures on the website. In three years they have finished the veranda they were building while we were there. Picture now and then. They have also built a swimming pool and laid concrete paths. Love the veranda and the pool but as Lee said when he saw the paths it looks like Butlins. It's a shame as it detracts from the natural beauty.

After talking to other travellers we decided to check out South Sea Island. It didn't take long to check out, about 10 mins to walk right round. Which left us with time to do some snorkelling and finally have a go at windsurfing.

If we remember anything in detail, then I'm sure we'll get round to writing up about it here - probably in another 3 years? ;)